Inspiring Young Adults to Take a Leap of Faith

I was once a scared, clueless post-grad who spent years in the workforce being underpaid and unfulfilled while dreaming of reaching higher someday. After taking a leap of faith and starting my first business at the age of 25 with no experience, I made it my mission to work with young adults and help give them the tools to crack the code of “success.”

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I knew how it felt to see everyone around me “get it” while I was left floundering and working two to three menial jobs just to pay bills. I knew how it felt to spend countless hours perfecting my resume, thousands of dollars gaining more education and experience with internships only to have those same achievements be discounted in Corporate America.
My narrative changed when my best friend died in the prime of his life. Experiencing the loss of someone so vibrant and full of big dreams inspired me to be bold enough to take the ultimate leap of faith and invest in myself. Along the way, I was able to start the business of my dreams, gain media opportunities, speaking engagements and the chance to work with young adults from all over the world.
Just from being bold enough to believe I could.
Are you ready to be bold?


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